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For the fun of it, some of our members have been having informal bouts of 2 bladed dagger fencing.

The US Dagger Fencing Association has a website that describes the sport:  http://daggerfencing.com/

Dagger Fencing is an Olympic style fencing sport that uses a specialized dagger along with a standard Epee to mimic the military style of fencing that was utilized in the late period of the Middle Ages on up through the early Renaissance. 

With Dagger Fencing a special cord is used that allows both weapons to be plugged into the scoring box.  Additionally the secondary blade is a specialized short blade that has a grip and guard from a Saber, a short stiff Epee style blade with an Epee tip at the end.

2 Blade Dagger fencing can be fenced on a traditional fencing strip, which is what we do at the NIFC.  Or it can be fenced in an open area without rigid boundaries.

One thing that seems to characterize every Dagger bout is the sound of LAUGHTER.  If you want to kick back and have some fun, give Dagger Fencing a try . . . just for the fun of it.

We do NOT offer lessons in Dagger Fencing because we are all still trying to figure it out for ourselves.  If you want to try it we've got some equipment to let you use and we'll be happy to suit up and work out with you. 

Archived Club Photos and Club Members Fencing:

Getting ready to fence a foil bout during the Beginners Tournament after our Spring 2014 Foil Class.

NIFC members Don Yetsko, Marcia Skurka, Marc Ryser and Peter Lowther at the directors table the 2014 Lowell Red Devil Fencing Club tournament. 

Don and Marc were directors for several events.  Marcia is one of the coaches for the RDFC and Peter coaches Epee for both H-F H.S. and M.C.H.S. which attended the event.
The fast pace of Saber Fencing is illustrated in this photo with two attacks, 2 lights, and a decision of a director being the difference between getting the touch or being scored upon.
NIFC Club Members Alex Block and Phil Block officiate a Foil Bout at the 2014 Red Devils Fencing Club Invitational tournament in Lowell, Indiana. 

In addition to supplying several directors for the RDFC event, NIFC was represented well at the Red Devils tournament, with NIFC members taking 1st & 2nd places in Men's Foil, 2rd Place in Women's Foil, 1st Place in Women's Saber, and 3rd Place in Men's Saber.


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