NIFC Rules of Courtesy

At NIFC, we have several rules in place in ensure the safety and wellbeing of those fencing at our club.


MASKLESS Practicing

Practicing wtih any weapon, while not wearing a mask is strictly forbidden, especially with ohters and/or in close proximity to others who may not be wearing a mask.  If caught you will be yelled at and recieve a warning.  This also includes horseplay with weapons, showing off tricks or techniques with weapons, etc.  If you make a habit of it ignoring this rule you will be asked to leave the club, either on a temporary or a pemenant basis, depending upon the mood of the directors in the room at the time of the occurance. 



Flunge: Action unique to saber - a combination of a lunge and a fleche. Evolved after the FIE modified saber rules in 1992 to prohibit running attacks.[1]

Saber Flunges are BANNED from use by any member who has not:

  1. Has been fencing for a minimum of 6 years at USA Fencing members clubs or international equivalent.
  2. Has been fencing for a minimum of 2 years AND has competed in a minimum of 2 national level competitions (NCAA, North American Cup, North American Challlenge, or Junior Olympics). 
  3. Has completed a collegiate fencing program.


1st offense - Warning

2nd offense - 60 day suspension


Black Cards

In fencing, the black card is the method that officials use to remove a fencer from competition when they break the code of honor.[2] At NIFC, if a fencer commits a "black cardable" offense during practice, this will result in a 60 day suspension from NIFC. If a member accumilates 3 black cards at NIFC, the suspension will be permanent.

USA Fencing Black Cards [3]


Coming Back From Suspension

NIFC will NOT refund prepaid dues for periods of suspension. If membership expires during the suspension, the suspension period must be fully paid before membership can be renewed.