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          Look up any upcoming event in this or any other region, sign up for tournaments,
          find out about camps, or check results of past events on the AskFred website.

Watch AskFred's Indiana events for our next NIFC Tournament  
          NIFC Tournaments are typically fenced in the "Friday Night Fencing" style
          of competition with awards given for the top 3 places.  If we have enough people
          entered we will split the tournament after the pool bouts to allow more fencing time
          for everyone.  This allows the folks who lost their first round or two in the DE's to
          continue fencing in a secondary tournament. 

Upcoming  USFA Tournaments in Indiana :  http://askfred.net/Events/upcoming.INDIANA

Upcoming  USFA Tournaments in Illinois : http://askfred.net/Events/upcoming.ILLINOIS

 2017 NIFC Club Championships - May 15, 17, 22, 24, 2017

Individual Event Results

Saber   1st - Rich Maro, 2nd - Kevin Ham, 3rd(T) - Aaron Cook and Dhruv Solanki

Foil   1st - Aaron Cook, 2nd - Rich Maro, 3rd(T) - Peter Lowther and Don Yetsko

Epee   1st - Peter Lowther, 2nd - Jack Bretall, 3rd(T) - Aaron Cook and Rich Maro

Junior Saber   1st - Emma Mysliwiec, 2nd - Claudia Sobula, 3rd - Samantha Docter and Maritza Spott

Ryser Cup Results

1st - Rich Maro, 2nd - Aaron Cook, 3rd - Kevin Ham, 4th - Don Yetsko

2016 NIFC Club Championships - May 18, 20, 25, 27, 2016

Individual Event Results

Saber   1st - Aaron Hensley, 2nd - Mike Rickert, 3rd(T) - Don Yetsko & Kevin Ham

Foil   1st - Aaron Cook, 2nd - Peter Lowther, 3rd(T) - Kevin Ham & Rich Maro

Epee   1st - Peter Lowther, 2nd - Kevin Ham, 3rd(T) - Don Yetsko & Mike Rickert

Junior Saber   1st - Luke Wood, 2nd - Michael Comise, 3rd(T) Emma Mysliwiec & Ethan Dedo

Ryser Cup Results

1st - Kevin Ham, 2nd - Rich Maro, 3rd - Mike Rickert, 4th - Aaron Hensley

2015 NIFC Club Championships - May 11, 13, 18, 2015

Individual Event Results

Saber   1st-Rich Maro, 2nd-Kevin Ham, 3rd(T)-Destyn Hepworth & Don Yetsko

Foil    1st-Aaron Cook, 2nd-Kendra McPheeters-Neal, 3rd(T)-Peter Lowther & Don Yetsko

Epee    1st-Sam Elsayed, 2nd-Don Yetsko, 3rd(T)-Rich Maro & Peter Lowther

Ryser Cup Results

1st-Rich Maro, 2nd-Don Yetsko, 3rd-Kendra McPheeters-Neal, 4th-Peter Lowther


Our most recent beginner's class from the Summer of 2017.  Front row, L to R:  John, Jillian, Ewan, and Charlie.  Back row:  Seamus, Ron, Kevin, and Logan.  (Not pictured:  Eddie.)

Kevin receives his first place medal for the Summer 2017 Beginner's Class Tournament.  Second place went to Ron, and the third place finishers were Seamus and Logan..